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leaf autumn fire poetry

Autumn Fire

A spattering of isolated fires, fanned by the cold autumn winds; crawling across the hillside until the illuminating splendor of the full blaze finds its glorious roar. The short-lived inferno will fade; leaving behind the charred framework of a once lush canopy and the mellow glow of burning amber upon our Mother’s floor. Death… a […]


Truth of lies

I see your lies with open eyes and hear the truths you hold most sacred.  For your lies have come forth to barricade your core; but left it cold, exposed and naked. 


The Dance

I found hate in the dark center of the forest and journeyed to the fringe in search of love; finding only the pale obscurity of indifference. For the radiance of love, too, occupies the center where I once stood. The two, perpetually entwined in a paradoxical masquerade where perspective appoints the lead and my heart […]

step back poem - lucas g irwin

Step Back

Step back. Again. Step back. Again. Can you see yourself yet? No? Step back. You aren’t stuck. there is no wall at your back. No barrier. only outstretched arms, grasping the posts of familiarity in front of you. Let go. Step back.   Your freedom awaits…….it calls in the wide open space behind you. Right […]



Roots A tree may void it’s color, leaves fall upon the ground; but trust me friend, come spring, life will again be found.   A tree may drop some branches, result of weathered storm; but nothing time and sustenance can’t bring back to it’s norm.   A tree may rupture at it’s trunk and crash to […]

find yourself


From birth…   You are pushed, you are pulled and influence plants seed As others show you the paths that they want you to see   You do your best to determine right over wrong But society, pressure and influence are strong   You bend toward the light like a sun-deprived tree In your attempt […]

ocean by lucas g. irwin


Ocean In life there is but ship and sea, a relationship bounding world and me. Some days are calm and certain, you see; yet others bring bedlam and chaos to thee. Full command of the ship is a mere fantasy, for the blue is too mighty and the boat would agree. Once a wave sets […]